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The GemCode Technology


The Chromium System is powered by 10x GemCode Technology

Our proprietary 10x GemCode Technology fuels our Chromium System with an innovative reagent delivery system, set of algorithms and turn-key software analysis tools that enable the discovery of previously inaccessible genetic information at massive rate and scale.


Our GemCode Technology creates a unique reagent delivery system that partitions cells or arbitrarily long DNA molecules (including >100 kb) and prepares sequencing libraries in parallel such that all fragments produced within a partition share a common barcode.

A simple workflow combines large partition numbers with a massively diverse barcode library to generate >100,000 barcode containing partitions in a matter of minutes.



The Chromium Software Suite maps short-read data to original long molecules using the barcodes provided by our GemCode Technology.

Algorithms utilize this information to recover long range information, enabling applications impossible with short read sequencing, including haplotype phasing and vastly improved structural variant detection.



Easily Integrated Into Existing Lab Infrastructure

Our GemCode Technology leverages existing short-read sequencers and is easily integrated into existing laboratory workflows.


10X Chromium Product Solutions

De Novo Assembly

True Diploid Assembly with the Supernova Assembler

Discover the true genome with the Supernova Assembler and open the door to low-cost, everyday diploid assemblies. Unlock sample-specific sequences, probe diploid genome structure and remove the need for a reference sequence of any kind.

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Exome Sequencing

Reach Beyond the Standard Exome

The Chromium Exome provides long range information, enabling phasing, structural variant detection and copy number determination. Low complexity and repetitive regions previously missed with short-read sequencing are now accessible.

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Genome Sequencing

The Chromium Genome Sequencing Solution provides Long read information from short reads.

The Chromium Genome uses the power of Linked-Reads to fully resolve genic phasing, reveal structural variation and detect variants in previously inaccessible and complex regions of the genome.

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Single Cell ATAC

The Chromium Single Cell ATAC Solution accelerates the understanding of the regulatory landscape of the genome, thereby providing insights into cell variability. The chromatin profiling of tens of thousands of single cells in parallel allows researchers to see how chromatin compaction and DNA-binding proteins regulate gene expression at high resolution.

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Single DNA

Copy Number Profiling at Single Cell Resolution

The Chromium Single Cell CNV Solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for revealing genome heterogeneity and understanding clonal evolution. Study disease pathogenesis or characterise neuronal mosaicism at the single cell level.

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Single Cell Feature Barcoding

Launching in late 2019, single cell feature barcoding promises to enhance the existing cite seq application to a range of applications.  As revealed in their recent seminar series feature barcoding can by used for protein abundance, interaction with MHC complexes and protein abundance.

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Single Cell Gene Expression

The Chromium Single Cell Gene Expression Solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for cell characterization and gene expression profiling of hundreds to millions of cells. Affordable and with a simplified workflow, users can go from cell sample to sequencing library in less than one workday.

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Single Immune Profiling

The Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution is a comprehensive approach to simultaneously examine the cellular context of the adaptive immune response and immune repertoires of hundreds to tens of thousands of T and B cells in human or mouse on a cell-by-cell basis.

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