Single Cell ATAC

About Single Cell ATAC (Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin)

The Chromium Single Cell ATAC Solution accelerates the understanding of the regulatory landscape of the genome, thereby providing insights into cell variability. The chromatin profiling of tens of thousands of single cells in parallel allows researchers to see how chromatin compaction and DNA-binding proteins regulate gene expression at high resolution.


  • Detect open chromatin regions in single cells with enriched signals in Transcription Start Sites (TSS) and regulatory regions
  • Profile 500 to 10,000 nuclei per channel with our scalable, high-throughput solution
  • Recover up to 65% of nuclei loaded on chips
  • Investigate cell lines, primary cells, fresh, and cryopreserved samples with confidence
  • Analyze your single cell epigenetic data with our turnkey analysis software and interactive visualization tools