Single Cell Immune Profiling

About Single Immune Profiling

The Chromium Single Cell Immune Profiling Solution is a comprehensive approach to simultaneously examine the cellular context of the adaptive immune response and immune repertoires of hundreds to tens of thousands of T and B cells in human or mouse on a cell-by-cell basis.


  • Enrichment for paired, full length human or mouse V(D)J sequences from single T and B cells
  • Whole-transcriptome single cell digital gene expression enables immune cell discovery and phenotypic analysis
  • Simultaneously measure T cell receptor gene, B cell immunoglobulin gene, and gene expression from any sample
  • Profile hundreds to tens of thousands of lymphocytes to detect rare full-length V(D)J transcripts and cell type sub-populations
  • Reveal the clonality, diversity, and cellular context of the immune repertoire using the open-source Cell Ranger Analysis Pipeline, Loupe Cell, and Loupe V(D)J Browsers.