Novel chip system.
Multiple sequencing modes.
Streamlined sequencing experience.

About MGI

MGI Tech Co. Ltd. (MGI), a subsidiary of BGI-the largest genomics organisation in the world, is specialised in R&D and manufacturing of proprietary instrumentation, medical devices, ancillary consumables and biological reagents e.g. genetic sequencers, mass spectrometers, medical imaging systems, and comprehensive solutions for life science research and applications. MGI owns more than 100 patents. Headquartered in China, MGI has established local technical support teams in Australia, Europe, Americas, and South-east Asia. With the vision to “enable effective and affordable healthcare solutions for all”, MGI has more than 500 employees worldwide and strives to be a leading innovator in life science technologies.

MGI Systems

Next Generation Sequencer MGI


MGISEQ-200 adopts a whole new biochemical system design to support rapid sequencing in various different reads modes.

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Versatility to satisfy multiple sequencing needs.

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T7 DNA Sequencer


Latest generation of world leading sequencing technology from MGI.

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