MGISEQ-200 is a miniature sequencer that transcends geographical restrictions.  MGISEQ-200 adopts a whole new biochemical system design to support rapid sequencing in various different read modes.

  • Zero accumulation of error in amplification, with high-precision base read-through
  • 4 types of reads are available. Running the PE100 process at full load takes only 48 hours
  • Well-suited for use in high-altitude areas
  • Flexible data yield from 15 to 60G

Performance Parameters

Chip typesFCAverage Effective Signal Point300MAverage Output15-60Gb/run
Chip lanes number1 laneRead length *SE50 SE100 PE50 PE100Run time **48 hours or less

* More read modes will be available subsequently

** Running at full load PE100 takes 48 hours per run

Next Generation Sequencer MGI

Non-accumulative amplification errors

High precision base reading

By employing DNA Nanoballs {DNB) technology and its special linear amplification method, MGISEQ-200 effectively carries out high-rate amplification, while ensuring a reduced error rate.

Moreover, its nanochip spot design allows for signal enhancement while ensuring sequencing accuracy without signal interference. MGISEQ-200 uses improved combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis (cPAS) technology to incorporate a fluorescent probe to a DNA anchor on the DNB. A high-resolution imaging system is then used to collect, read and identify optical signals.

This sequencing system not only avoids highly repetitive single-base reading errors caused by common physical signal errors, but it also produces high quality and high accuracy sample sequencing information.

Flexible selection of read lengths

Rapid 48-hour sequencing

MGISEQ-200 has been specifically designed for its temperature regulation system and sequencing enzyme. It has been possible to increase the number o1 types ot supported read lengths without affecting the size of the device.

In addition, in order to meet the requirements for flexibility of throughput and time in different application scenarios, MGISEQ-200 has undergone improvements in the time required to carry out sequencing in different rend length modes. For example, when operating in PE100 mode at full load, MGISEQ-200 run produce 60G of high-quality data within 48 hours.

Applicable for use at high altitudes

Small with great functionality

The flowcell platform and fluid system of MGISEQ-200 has been specially designed so that it can operate normally under a low-pressure environment at high altitude.

At the same lime, optimization of the equipments built-in system has reduced the size, as well as the energy and materials consumed during operation.

MGISEQ-200 uses the universal FastQ data format, supporting local analysis, cloud analysis, and many other analytical methods. With such breakthroughs to operating conditions. MGISEQ-200 is aimed at bringing gene sequencing to more regions and being accessible to more people.