Immagina Biotechnolog AHARIBO

Parallel isolation and downstream analysis of translated RNAs (by RNA-seq or qPCR) and newly synthesized proteins.

AHARIBO is a unique modular system for fast and reproducible isolation of active ribosomes enabling scientists to study the complexity of the cellular translational machinery at multiple layers providing comprehensive data and insight in its regulation at RNA and protein levels.

Unique workflow based upon AHA (L-azidohomoalanine) incorporation and magnetic beads separation makes the system suitable for HT applications

The three compatible modules include Module 1 for RNA analysis, Module 2 for proteome analysis and Module 3 for western blot preparation.


  • Translatome analysis
  • De novo proteome analysis
  • Proteotranscriptomic
  • Ribosome heterogeneity studies
  • Characterization of lncRNA

Key Benefits

  • Better Proxy of Protein Levels

    AHARIBO translatome is a better proxy of protein levels than the classical translatome

  • Fast, Simple & Reliable Protocol

    No nuclease digestion needed. No ultracentrifugation required. Four hours from cell lysate to total RNA or protein

  • Low Input Material

    Low sample requirement – from 500,000 cells

  • Suitable for common downstream analysis

    AHARIBO is suitable for all the most common downstream analysis: RNAseq, qPCR, mass spec. and Western blot

  • Multiple Samples

    Based on beads separation: possibility to run multiple samples in parallel for automated high-throughput (HT) experiments

  • Detection of Translated or Ribosomes Associated lncRNA