Immagina Biotechnology circAID

CircAID is the only technology for high-quality library preparation for phosphoRNA sequencing (3’-phosphate/2’,3’-cyclic phosphate (3’P/2’,3’-cP) end) with Illumina (PCR based) or Oxford Nanopore platforms (PCR free).

CircAID uses proprietary RNA adapters (backbones) and enzymes to capture and sequence phosphorylated molecules.


  • Ribosome profiling
  • Phospho RNA sequencing
  • Selective transcriptome analysis
  • 2′,3′-Cyclic Phosphate / 3’ Phosphate RNA sequencing
  • Short RNA sequencing for Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing platforms

Key findings and benefits

  1. CircAid is the first library prep for nanopore sequencing enabling sequencing of small RNAs and Riboseq RNA fragments
  2. CircAid is allowing for a selective enrichment of 3’P/ 2’3’cP-RNAs including tRNA fragments uncovering a hidden transcriptome layer with possibly important biological functions
  3. Reduction of rRNA reads in Riboseq experiments reducing sequencing cost and improving data
Fig 1. Workflow for circAid-p-seq library preparation




Prepare libraries compatible with Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencers without the need for PCR amplification.

Quick (1-day) high-quality library preparation for short RNAs (20-50 nt) bearing a 3’-phosphate/2’,3’-cyclic phosphate (3’P/2’,3’-cP) end.

The final library product is suitable for third-generation sequencing on the Oxford Nanopore Technologies sequencing platform, thus enabling real-time single-molecule detection of biologically relevant RNA species.



Selective sequencing of ribosome footprints produced by the action of a nuclease generating RNA fragments with a 3’-phosphorylated end.

Quick and accurate library preparation and sequencing of ribosome protected fragments (RPFs).

LACEseq is the only all-inclusive solution for ribosome profiling experiments when combined with RiboLace Module 1 for active ribosome isolation and PAGE Gel Extraction Kit for optimal RPF recover.