Publications featuring 10X Genomics – Developmental Biology

YearMonthJournalTitleAssay typeTissueCell TypeSpecies
2018JulNature communicationsIdentification of dynamic undifferentiated cell states within the male germlineSingle Cell 3'TestisSpermatagoniaMouse
2018JunNatureA stromal cell population that inhibits adipogenesis in mammalian fat depotsSingle Cell 3'StromaAdipogenic Stem and Precursor CellsMouse
2018JunCellProspectively Isolated Tetraspanin+ Neoblasts Are Adult Pluripotent Stem Cells Underlying Planaria RegenerationSingle Cell 3'Whole OrganismNeoblastsPlanaria
2018JunNatureGLI1-expressing mesenchymal cells form the essential Wnt-secreting niche for colon stem cellsSingle Cell 3'ColonOrganoidsMouse
2018JunCell Stem CellSingle-Cell RNA-Seq Reveals Dynamic Early Embryonic-like Programs during Chemical ReprogrammingSingle Cell 3'SkinFibroblasts Reprogrammed to Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsMouse