Publications featuring 10X Genomics – Neuroscience

YearMonthJournalTitleAssay typeTissueCell TypeSpecies
2018MarNatureDevelopmental diversification of cortical inhibitory interneurons Single Cell 3'BrainCortical Inhibitory Interneuron CellsMouse
2018MarCurrent BiologyComprehensive Identification and Spatial Mapping of Habenular Neuronal Types Using Single-Cell RNASeqSingle Cell 3'BrainHabenular NeuronsZebrafish
2018MayCellSingle-Cell Transcriptomics and Fate Mapping of Ependymal Cells Reveals an Absence of Neural Stem Cell FunctionSingle Cell 3'BrainEpendymal Cells (Multi-Ciliated Cells), Neuronal Stem Cells, Neuroblasts, Microglia, Oligodendrocytes, Oligodendrocyte Precursors
2018JunCellA Single-Cell Transcriptome Atlas of the Aging Drosophila BrainSingle Cell 3'BrainNeuronsDrosophila
2018JunNature NeuroscienceDirect pericyte-to-neuron reprogramming via unfolding of a neural stem cell-like programSingle Cell 3'BrainPericytes, Induced NeuronsHuman