Introducing Franklin – a groundbreaking initiative that seamlessly integrates public data sets with real-world evidence, revolutionizing clinical diagnosis, expediting clinical reporting, ensuring consistent classification, all while fostering a thriving community of genomic professionals and upholding data sovereignty and security.


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Actionable Insights: With Franklin, genomic professionals can redirect their focus from navigating evidence to delving into actionable insights. Our mission is to construct the most extensive and diverse real-world evidence dataset, unlocking answers to any genomic query through the collaborative power of the community, data, and insights.

Franklin’s Community: Who makes up the Franklin community? Our genomic professionals hail from every facet of the medical genetics domain and span the globe. From genetic counselors, expert physicians, and oncologists to variant scientists, bioinformaticians, clinical geneticists, researchers, and pharmacologists, Franklin unites a diverse array of specialists dedicated to advancing genomic knowledge and practice.

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