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Access the Actionable Genome

Genoox harnesses the collective power of the community to transform genomic data into actionable insights. Our mission is to build the most extensive real-world evidence network, integrating genomic and clinical data. Through collaboration and shared knowledge, we aim to advance the understanding and application of genomics, driving impactful outcomes in the realm of healthcare and beyond. Join us in our commitment to unleashing the potential of genomic data for the benefit of individuals and the broader community.

Impacting Lives at the Point of Care

Our genomic insights are based on real-world evidence that is fused with publicly available data, impacting lives by making genomic data accessible and actionable at the point of care.

Your Gateway to the
Actionable Genome

Harnessing the power of community, we are building the world’s largest, most diverse real-world evidence dataset to answer any genomic question.

The Power of Community

Our community of users, the data they share, and our powerful interpretation engine create actionable genomic insights that guide clinical decisions, accelerate care pathways and enable targeted therapies.

What is Actionable Genome?

The Actionable Genome represents a paradigm shift in healthcare, where real-world genomic insights play a transformative role in guiding clinical decisions and influencing patient care. In this context, actionable insights derived from genomic data have the power to reshape how clinicians approach treatment, enabling more targeted and personalized therapies. The Actionable Genome signifies a critical intersection between genomics and clinical practice, where the application of genomic information directly informs medical decisions, leading to more effective and tailored healthcare interventions for patients.

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