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Parse Biosciences

Scalable single cell without the instrument

Parse Biosciences is a Seattle-based company with the mission of accelerating progress in human health and scientific research.

They are providing researchers with the ability to perform single cell sequencing with unprecedented scale and ease. Single cell RNA sequencing has already enabled breakthroughs in developmental biology, stem cell therapy, immunotherapy, and cancer treatments. Our foundational Evercode™ combinatorial barcoding technology is driving the next generation of discoveries.

Exponentially Scalable

Combinatorial barcoding enables you to dramatically scale up the cells and samples per experiment.

No instrument required

If you have a centrifuge, thermal cycler, and some pipettes, you’re
ready to go.

Unmatched data quality

Better detect lowly expressed genes and avoid ambient RNA common in droplet-based single cell sequencing.

Fixation of cells/nuclei

Fix and store samples as they come in for up to 6 months and then run together later on your schedule.

Combinatorial barcoding with Evercode™

Unleash the power of combinatorial barcoding with Evercode™. Our innovative technology revolutionizes the labeling process by assigning cell-specific barcode combinations to molecules, setting the stage for groundbreaking research.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Evercode™ Split-Pool Combinatorial Barcoding: Cells undergo fixation and permeabilization, transforming them into self-contained reaction vessels. This eliminates the need for individual cell capture in droplets or microwells. The split-pool barcoding process then applies a vast array of barcode combinations to cells, enabling seamless scalability beyond other methods.
  2. Exponential Scalability: With Evercode™, the potential for scalability is virtually limitless. Cells can be labeled with an exponentially large number of barcode combinations, facilitating the processing of up to 1 million cells collected on different days in parallel.

Discover the full potential of your lab with Evercode™. Revolutionize your research and unlock new possibilities with our cutting-edge combinatorial barcoding technology.

Unmatched sensitivity at any scale.

Experience unparalleled sensitivity at any scale with Evercode™ combinatorial barcoding technology. Here’s why it’s the superior choice for your research:

  1. Increased Sample Throughput: Run more samples without compromising on data quality. Evercode™ allows for efficient processing of multiple samples simultaneously, maximizing throughput while minimizing sequencing requirements.
  2. Enhanced Biological Insights: Delve deeper into the biology of your samples with advanced gene and transcript detection capabilities. Outperform droplet-based methods and uncover intricate biological nuances with unmatched precision and accuracy.
  3. High-Performance Parallel Processing: Evercode™ operates within individual cells in a highly parallel manner, ensuring consistent and reliable data quality across experiments of any size. Whether you’re analyzing a handful of samples or conducting large-scale studies, you can trust Evercode™ to deliver exceptional results every time.

Elevate your research to new heights with Evercode™ combinatorial barcoding technology. Uncover hidden insights, accelerate discoveries, and push the boundaries of scientific exploration with unmatched sensitivity and precision.

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