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About Bionano

Bionano Genomics is a life science company transforming the way the world sees the genome using optical genome mapping for the detection of genome-wide structural variants.

The Saphyr system images ultra-long, linearized DNA molecules labelled at specific sequence motifs. Comparative analysis of the label patterns over long contiguous reads across the whole genome reveals structural variants (>500 bp). All major types of large structural variants can be detected at variant allele fractions of 5%.

Bionano's Foundation


Organization-wide, we hold ourselves and our operations to the highest standards so customers can trust in our solutions, our data and our word.


Our customers’ strength in the face of incredible challenges inspires us to take on the unknown, innovate solutions and find new ways forward.


Disease impacts every person on earth. That’s why we strive to make our solutions and the answers they help deliver accessible worldwide.


We are committed to being present for our customers along their journeys, providing the guidance and support they need to reach their destinations.

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