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About STOmics

STOmics‘ Stereo-seq technology revolutionizes spatial biology research. With unprecedented field-of-view and nanoscale resolution, it enables comprehensive transcriptome analysis from your tissue samples. 

STOmics proudly introduces Stereo-seq technology, a pioneering spatial-omics innovation that stands as the sole solution globally capable of achieving a panoramic field of view at the centimeter level combined with subcellular resolution. Unveiled in early 2021, Stereo-seq has captivated global attention, earning accolades as ‘the thunderclap in academia.’

This groundbreaking technology has been hailed as a transformative force, propelling life science research into a new epoch of exploration in time and space. Recognized as the third revolution in the field of life sciences, Stereo-seq marks a paradigm shift, promising unparalleled advancements and possibilities in the realm of spatial-omics.

Technical Principles

DNB Chip

DNB patterned chip

CID Sequencing

CID sequencing

Stereo-seq chip

Stereo-seq chip

In situ RNA capture

In situ RNA capture

Library construction & sequencing

Library construction & sequencing

Spatially resolved transcriptomic profiling

Spatially resolved transcriptomic profiling

High Resolution
Disease Research
Organ Research
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Why STOmics

STOmics presents the groundbreaking Stereo-seq (SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-sequencing) technology, a proprietary tool empowering researchers to delve into spatial biology with unparalleled field-of-view and subcellular resolution. This innovation enables simultaneous transcriptome study and analysis at various levels—tissue, cellular, subcellular, and molecular—from fresh frozen tissue samples.

Stereo-seq achieves this by capturing mRNA within the tissue on the chip and then reinstating cellular spatial location through spatial coordination barcoding (Coordinate ID, CID). The result is an in situ sequencing marvel, providing researchers with a robust platform for establishing a profound research foundation. This foundation facilitates an in-depth understanding of the intricate relationship among gene expression, cell morphology, and cellular microenvironments. Harness the power of Stereo-seq for transformative insights into spatial biology.

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