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About seqWell

Discover the Features and Benefits of “True Multiplexing”

seqWell’s integrated normalizing library prep technology allows the creation of balanced library pools without the need for sample or library normalization. Our fast, simplified workflows multiplex 100’s to 1000’s of samples for loading on a single sequencing run enabling enhanced overall sequencing performance.

Simple & Fast

Multiplex 1000’s of samples with ease using our kits.


Built-in normalization with every kit.


Uniform insert sizes & sample read counts.


Improved overall sequencing performance

Simple Three Step Protocol:

Our NGS workflows utilize a transposase to selectively tag DNA samples in a unique sequential manner. The sequential tagging process provides more control of each step versus other transposon methods and less prone to bias and input DNA variations.

seqWell workflow

Sample Barcoding

Unfragmented DNA is tagged with sample-specific i7-barcoded adapters.

P7 primers and unique i7 indexes are inserted randomly into each DNA sample by a transposon. The same amount of P7 is added to each sample regardless of DNA input amount. This limiting reagent normalizes the samples, which are now pooled into a single tube.

Pool Barcoding

Pooled sample-barcoded DNA is tagged with pool-specific i5-barcoded adapters.

The pool-specific i5 barcoded adapters containing P5-adapters are now added in the second transposition reaction. Excess pool barcoding reagent inserts the same average distance from every sample barcode.

Amp + Purification

 Barcoded library fragments are amplified.

The final step is a library amplification with universal primers and final SPRI purification. The pooled library is now ready to be loaded in an Illumina® sequencer to produce normalized or balanced distribution of sequencing reads.

seqWell Portfolio

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