Developed independently by MGI, the MGIFLP-L50( stands as a modular sequencing workstation. This innovative platform is dedicated to establishing a novel sequencing model by seamlessly integrating the entire sequencing workflow into a single machine. The MGIFLP-L50 offers a fully automated solution, simplifying the process from sample to report with just one click.

3 Labs →1 Lab

Intelligent Experiment

Disinfection System

Pre-defined Workflow


Consolidated Efficiency: MGIFLP-L50 optimizes laboratory space by minimizing the footprint of the instrument, consolidating the functionality of three traditional laboratory spaces into a modular sequencing workstation that occupies less than 2 m².

Intelligent Experimentation:

  • Sample Barcode Scanning
  • Life-cycle Sample Tracing
  • Life-cycle Result Tracing
  • Intelligent Device Monitoring
  • Experimental Process Monitoring

Streamlined Workflow: MGIFLP-L50 features a pre-defined workflow, setting a new standard for operational simplicity and making sequencing experiments more accessible.

Advanced Disinfection System:

  • HEPA System: Achieving 99.995% efficiency at 0.3 μm
  • UV System: Providing irradiation higher than 100,000 uW.s/cm²
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