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MGISP-100 With DecodeScience
MGISP-100 : Precision Prep, Peak Performance

Introducing MGISP-100, an advanced automated workstation featuring an 8-channel pipette, specifically designed for sequencing library preparation. This state-of-the-art system excels in processing samples in bulk, guaranteeing both stability and cost-effectiveness to elevate lab productivity. Tailored to meet user requirements, MGISP-100 comes equipped with a range of integrated tools, including PCR machines, UV lamps, and temperature modules. It promotes hands-free, precise, and streamlined operations, ensuring efficient and reliable sequencing library preparation processes.

Open Platform

Tailored development crafted to meet specific and unique requirements

Comprehensive Protection

Equipped with a UV lamp and laminar flow hood for a thorough contamination prevention approach

Comprehensive Functions

Incorporates essential functional modules such as the PCR machine, magnetic rack, temperature modules

Economic & Efficient

Fully autonomous system, processes samples in bulk, significantly minimising the need for manual intervention

The MGISP-100 stands as an advanced automated workstation

The MGISP-100 represents a pinnacle in automated workstations, skillfully designed with an 8-channel pipette to facilitate seamless sequencing library preparations. Its batch processing capability ensures uniform outputs, optimizing operational expenses and elevating laboratory efficiency. In addition to its core features, the MGISP-100 is equipped with a suite of integrated tools, including PCR machines, UV lamps, and precise temperature modules, ensuring a meticulous and autonomous operational experience.

The versatile capabilities of MGISP-100 extend across various stages of the laboratory workflow, encompassing nucleic acid extraction, enzymatic reactions, size selection, DNB making, magnetic beads purification, PCR, target capture, and incorporating a HEPA system for enhanced contamination control.

MGISP-100 Workflow and Features
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