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The MGISP-960 High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation System is a versatile, fully automated workstation featuring a 96-channel pipette. This system has validated numerous library kits, including WES/WGS/RNA, and boasts a fully automatic operation design. It enables unmanned processes and can be customized based on customer requirements. MGISP-960 stands as an efficient and widely-used automated sample preparation system.

Economic & Efficient

Autonomous Bulk Processing Minimal Manual Intervention

Open Platform

Tailored development crafted to meet specific and unique requirements.

Comprehensive Protection

UV Lamp & Flow Hood Comprehensive Contamination Prevention

Comprehensive Functions

Integrated PCR, Magnetic Rack & Temperature Modules


Introducing the High-throughput Automated Sample Preparation Platform, MGISP-960, designed for swift plate-to-plate transfers in high-speed microplate processing applications such as library prep, ELISA assays, and screening. With its 96-channel pipetting tool, flexible deck configurations, and a standard microplate gripper, the platform accommodates a diverse range of applications. Its versatility extends to supporting various tip sizes, robotic microplate and cover movement, and integration with peripheral devices like a magnetic plate positioner and heater/shaker, enabling the efficient completion of full NGS methods. Reach out to us to explore how your methods align with our value-driven automation platforms.

MGISP-960 boasts validated methodologies and library kits, covering:

  1. WGS
  2. Exome/Target Sequencing
  3. RNA/Transcriptome Sequencing
  4. Tumor mutation gene detection
  5. NIPT
  6. PGS/PGD
  7. PMseq
  8. Amplicon Sequencing
MGI SP_960
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