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MGISP-NE32 : Precision Extraction, Rapid Results

The MGISP-NE32 stands as a cutting-edge extractor, prioritizing both safety and efficiency. Distinguished by features such as an adjustable mixing module and UV pollution control, it establishes itself as a dependable and advanced option for nucleic acid extraction.


Processing magnetic particles and extracting nucleic acid from 16/32 samples in 9 mins


Specialized heating block for 96-well plate ensures consistent heating


UV lamp and 96-well plate with disposable tip prevent sample cross-contamination


Adjustable mixing module with varied modes; fits multiple magnetic particles and reagents

Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Excellence

The MGISP-NE32 stands as a pioneering force in nucleic acid extraction, establishing unprecedented standards. Harnessing advanced magnetic rod technology, it efficiently handles a broad spectrum of samples. The platform’s distinctive adjustable mixing module, combined with the UV lamp and the 96-well pre-packaged plate, ensures unparalleled purity in extractions. Its intuitive interface streamlines program management, and adaptability with various particles and reagents enhances its versatility. The inclusion of a specially crafted heating block guarantees uniform results, solidifying the MGISP-NE32 as the ideal choice for professionals seeking speed, precision, safety, efficiency, versatility, intuitiveness, and consistency in nucleic acid extraction.

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