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4-channel Bio-Fragment Analyzer designed for medium and large-sized labs, offering higher throughput and faster analysis.

Qsep400 features an integrated PC and touchscreen for user-friendly operation.

Capable of analyzing DNA, RNA, or protein with a 4~96 sample capacity.

Quantitative method provides comprehensive fragment size and concentration data in a single run.

Qsep400 is a high-throughput automated Bio-Fragment Analyzer. It is the highest specification product of Qsep series and can analyze hundreds of samples in one day. It supports various types of applications, including DNA, RNA and protein fragment analyses and high-voltage fast analysis. Advantages of capillary electrophoresis are high resolution (1~4bp if less than 500bp), high sensitivity (5pg/μl) and significantly faster preparation and analysis time. Besides analyzing the fragment sizes and concentrations, it is also a tool for quality control, and is best for NGS facilities and research centers.

Qsep400 is equipped with an integrated PC and touchscreen and can be directly controlled and analyzed. The system provides applications such as RNA quality control with RNA Quality Number (RQN) provided, auto-distribution of NGS QC and quality control of gDNA with DNA Quality Number (DQN) provided. Qsep400 is an independent and highly-efficient instrument.

Qsep series can not only replace the complicated and time-consuming gel preparation and analysis procedure, but increase the accuracy of analysis, elevate efficiency and reproducibility, and reduce the human error and costs.


Qsep400 BiOptic
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