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MGISP-Smart 8

MGISP-Smart 8: Automated Pipetting Powerhouse

The MGISP-Smart 8 features a self-contained 8-channel pipette, meticulously crafted to address a wide spectrum of pipetting requirements spanning from 1 μL to 1000 μL. This versatile system is compatible with microplates, reservoirs, and tubes, reducing the likelihood of human errors while enhancing efficiency with its integrated PCR machine, shaker, and temperature control capabilities. With its resilient adaptability, the MGISP-Smart 8 stands as an exemplary solution for precision and convenience in laboratory environments.


Intelligent Sensing & Barcode Scanning


Slide Track Deck Design High Compatibility

Viral Panels

Integrated Pipetting Robot Arm Flexible and Efficient


Introducing the MGISP-Smart 8 Precision Automated Pipetting System—a cutting-edge robotic solution designed for unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in your laboratory. Boasting an independent 8-channel setup, this automated pipetting robot seamlessly accommodates various lab instruments, including tubes, microplates, and reservoirs, guaranteeing a flawless pipetting experience.

Equipped with a broad pipetting range from 1 μL to 1000 μL, the MGISP-Smart 8 goes beyond conventional limits. Its integration of advanced modules, such as the PCR machine and magnetic rack, presents a comprehensive solution to address diverse pipetting challenges in your lab.

To further elevate your lab operations, the MGISP-Smart 8 comes equipped with sensing and barcode scanning functionalities, ensuring a streamlined and error-free process from start to finish. Experience precision and convenience at its finest with the MGISP-Smart 8 Precision Automated Pipetting System.

MGI Smart 8
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