purePlex™ DNA Library Prep Kit

purePlex™ DNA Library Prep Kit

A benefit to purePlex is that, because of its simplicity, users can quickly and seamlessly incorporate the kit with existing methods for high-throughput pipetting.

Speed, Performance, and Auto-Normalization with Unique Dual Indexes

  1. 2.5-hour workflow for 96 samples, 45 min. hands-on time
  2. Auto-normalization of read counts and insert size over 10-fold input range
  3. Unique dual indices included
purePlex™ DNA Library Prep Kit seqWell

Key Features

  1. Fast, flexible workflow with no requirement for full plate processing
  2. Auto-normalization reduces QC burden, improves data consistency
  3. Early pooling for easier sample handling
  4. Reduced GC bias compared to other transposase-based methods
  5. Significant cost and plastics savings

purePlex™ DNA Library Prep Kit Workflow seqWell

purePlex™ DNA Library Prep Kit Workflow seqWell
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