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Gene Fragments


Twist Bioscience offers Synthetic Gene Fragments as a fast, economical, and efficient solution for building genes in your research. These gene fragments enhance the cloning process by minimizing the need for colony screening, saving valuable time and reducing overall costs associated with cloning and sequencing.

By leveraging Twist’s Synthetic Gene Fragments, researchers can think bigger, design on a grander scale, and accelerate their discoveries. With the advantage of an industry-leading error rate, customizable lengths and yields, and the convenience of no order limits, Twist’s Gene Fragments offer a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for diverse research needs. To learn more or place an order, researchers can explore the product sheet or directly proceed with ordering from Twist Bioscience.

Fast and Economical:

Gene Fragments for assembly and cloning.
Compatible with all downstream cloning methods.
Priced from 13¢ (AUD) per base pair.
Synthesised in as little as 2 business days.

Screen Less, Discover More:

Industry-leading error rate of 1:7500.
Length: 300 bp – 1800 bp.
Yield: 100 ng – 1 µg.
No order limit.

Twist Bioscience’s DNA synthesis technology stands out by outperforming competitors with exceptionally low error rates. In a direct comparison of Gene Fragment products, Twist consistently demonstrated the lowest error rate, as illustrated in the graph comparing Twist and Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (IDT). The results reveal that Twist Gene Fragments exhibit greater sequence accuracy compared to eBlocks and gBlocks, boasting an average of 2-fold greater accuracy in sequence fidelity over gBlocks.

Moreover, Twist Gene Fragments consistently yield the highest percentage of perfect clones, offering a significant advantage in terms of time and cost savings for researchers. The graph showcasing a direct comparison of the percentage of sequence perfect clones across various gene lengths and sequences for three different gene products highlights Twist’s superiority. The data, derived from a set of 63 sequences with diverse gene lengths, reflects the broad applicability of Twist’s technology in addressing the varied requirements of real-world synthetic biology applications.

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