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Plasmid and Amplicon Sequencing

Streamlining Molecular Research with SeqWell Library Preparation

Plasmids and PCR products are fundamental in molecular biology labs globally. Advances in synthetic biology and cost-effective NGS have transformed plasmid applications, yet NGS library preparation remains a challenge. Our library preparation kits focus on scalability, speed (some as fast as 90 minutes), and cost-effectiveness for efficient amplicon sequencing. With easy implementation and automation-friendly workflows, SeqWell ensures high-quality, multiplexed plasmid or amplicon libraries. Backed by extensive research, our products are supported by a skilled team, dedicated to guiding your project from start to finish.

Simple Workflow

Significant reduction in normalization and library QC time

High Throughput

Pooled multiplexed library prep without sacrificing quality

Cost Effective

30-50% reduction in labor and consumable costs

Our cost-effective NGS workflow solutions can provide 30 – 50% savings compared to other methods and reduce processing time from sample to result.

A crucial technology that we use to build almost all of our products is an enzyme called Tn5 transposase, which is an incredibly versatile tool for scaling and simplifying NGS workflows. We have found Tn5 to be an incredibly powerful platform for creating library chemistry with several unique advantages, such as auto-normalization and multiplexing with purpose-built reagents. These reagents form the core capabilities that our products are based on.

The following products support specific applications like plasmid and amplicon sequencing, synthetic construct sequencing, microbial genomics, and metagomics/microbiome screening, in both research and commercial settings.

Plasmid and Amplicon Sequencing Portfolio

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