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Combinatorial Variant Libraries

Focused Screening with Precision Variant Technology

Twist’s Precision Variant Library Technology stands out as a groundbreaking approach for focused screening in protein engineering. Powered by Twist’s massively parallel silicon-based DNA synthesis platform, this technology delivers highly uniform and accurate oligos, with an impressive 90% of oligos represented within <2.5x of the mean. Additionally, it boasts an industry-leading low error rate of 1:2,000 nt.

The combination of this cutting-edge synthesis platform with Twist’s well-established molecular biology expertise allows the creation of highly diverse gene mutant libraries. These libraries exhibit excellent variant representation and offer highly specific user-defined compositions, free from unwanted bias or motifs. With precise control over codon usage, amino acid distribution, and length variation, Twist’s library technology enables comprehensive exploration of the variant sequence space. The key benefits include high diversity precision, verified quality through rigorous quality control and NGS verification, and unmatched flexibility in designing sequences, domains, and combinations. This technology outperforms alternatives like TRIM and the degenerate approach, providing researchers with a superior tool for efficient and tailored protein engineering studies.

Twist Bioscience’s silicon-based DNA synthesis platform and library technology redefine the landscape of variant libraries, providing scientists with high-quality data in a more efficient manner. In comparison to competing technologies, Twist’s libraries exhibit less than 1% deviation from the designed amino acid frequency, showcasing exceptional precision. The in-silico DNA synthesis platform seamlessly incorporates binding motifs and length variation across multi-domain libraries, empowering scientists to design and customize variant libraries for a comprehensive analysis of the variant space.

Twist libraries address challenges associated with NNK and TRIM libraries by printing variants base-by-base and screening before synthesis, eliminating stop codons, liability motifs, unwanted mutations, and biases early in the process. This approach enriches the library for requested functional variants, reducing the screening burden. Twist’s industry-leading, ready-to-use, highly-diverse, and precisely designed libraries offer scientists more opportunities to achieve their research goals.

The superiority of Twist’s libraries is further emphasized through a comparison with NNK and TRIM technologies. Twist’s molecular biology expertise and single-base control approach result in high-diversity libraries without confounding motifs. The quality is exemplified in a CVL distribution example, where expected variants are present at user-defined ratios. Additionally, Twist’s Precise Variant Libraries allow users to choose unique CDR sequences, which, when combined with machine learning analysis, can be seamlessly incorporated into fully synthetic libraries for refined exploration of the variant space. Twist’s platform ensures uniform synthesis, minimizing bias and dropouts in downstream workflows. Libraries are QC’d with NGS, enabling the identification and removal of mutations that do not yield improved functions in subsequent iterations of library design.

Technology Comparison

User-Defined CDR Libraries


Cloning Option For Libraries


Libraries QC’d with NGS

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