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NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)​

Achieve superior enrichment efficiency with Twist Bioscience NGS Target Enrichment Solutions. Targeted sequencing takes a step forward with an optimized enrichment workflow and easy customization of panel content

Sample to sequencer
in a single day


Maximized Sequencing Efficiency & Exceptional Coverage Uniformity

Raise Confidence
in Variant Detection

Increased Depth While Reducing Overall Sequencing

Our probes enable improved coverage of intended targets when compared to the competition. Improved uniformity increases the percentage of bases covered at the desired depth and reduces the amount of over sequencing.

Twist NGS Cumulative Coverage
Twist NGS uniformity

Higher Confidence in Variant Detection

Uniformity describes the read distribution along target regions of the genome. Uniform coverage reduces the amount of sequencing required to reach a sufficient depth of coverage for all regions of interest. Achieving the sequencing requirement for your application equates to higher confidence in variant detection.

NGS Portfolio

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