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NGS Custom Panels

Custom Panels
Custom Panels

Twist Custom Panels can be designed and built to cover a wide range of panel sizes, target regions, and multiplexing requirements — all with the exceptional and consistent performance you’ve come to expect from Twist NGS solutions.

With our incredibly flexible design capabilities, you can easily expand or enhance content on your existing panel or blend together the content from multiple panels with the Twist Custom Blended Panels option. This unprecedented flexibility saves you time while guaranteeing high-quality performance and analysis.

Consistent Performance Across a Range of Panel Sizes and Target Regions

Design a Twist Custom Panel in minutes using a list of gene names or a target bed file. Regardless of panel size or target region, Twist Custom Panels consistently deliver excellent performance.

Robust Performance During Multiplex Target Enrichment
Twist Custom Panels deliver high-quality performance across 1-, 8-, and even 16-plex enrichment reactions:
  1. High uniformity for all levels of multiplexing
  2. High on-target rates do not vary with higher levels of multiplexing
  3. Low duplication rates across all levels of multiplexing
Verified by NGS to Ensure Reproducibility from Lot to Lot
As demonstrated by NGS-based quality analysis, Twist Custom Panels demonstrate a low lot-to-lot variation. Every Twist Custom Panel is sequenced to ensure consistent quality and performance across all probes within a panel.


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