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Oligo Pools

Twist Bioscience’s revolutionary silicon-based DNA synthesis platform has the capability to produce over a million linear ssDNA oligos on a single chip. Due to Twist’s miniaturised platform, there is virtually no limitation to the number of unique oligo’s that can be assembled into a pool tailored precisely to your experiment.

Performance at
any scale

The DNA synthesis platform, which relies on silicon, has the capability to generate more than a million distinct single-stranded DNA oligos in a single operation. Each chip comprises numerous separate clusters, with each cluster housing 121 individually addressable surfaces capable of synthesizing a distinct oligo sequence.

More Space for

With oligo lengths up to 300nt as a standard product, encode the elements and sequences you need - including promoters, enhancers, guides, and probes in a single design giving you the ability to do more with more each oligo.

Screen once,
screen right

Twist’s Highly Uniform Oligo Synthesis without bias ensures top-notch quality, providing more unique targets per screen, resulting in less effort required to achieve the data coverage you need, saving money and time.

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Twist Oligo Pools have exceptional precision and uniformity so you can be confident in the quality of your experimental results. With industry-leading oligo representation and low error rates for oligos of any length up to 300nt, and pools of any size, don’t miss a datapoint due to synthesis errors or inefficiencies.

How does the process function?

Simply share your oligo sequences with us, and we’ll handle the synthesis of your custom-designed oligo pool libraries. This way, you can invest your time in hands-on experimentation and exploration.

Our Highly Uniform Oligo Synthesis ensures top-notch quality. For instance, when we examine a typical oligo pool with 23,000 90mer oligos using NGS quality control data, the uniformity of the pool at 300x read coverage is evident. The accompanying table provides detailed metrics on the uniformity of this pool. Twist oligos are synthesized without bias, ensuring high uniformity and comprehensive representation of all oligos.

Through Sequencing Analysis of Oligo Pools, we’ve compared Twist Bioscience’s output with that of an array-based competitor. The findings demonstrate that Twist Oligo Pools encompass 100% of the anticipated sequences, outperforming the competitor pool by having a higher percentage of correct sequences. This substantiates the reliability and accuracy of our oligo pool synthesis process.

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