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Engineered Cells

Industrialized CRISPR Cells Enable Large-Scale Variant Analysis

Introducing Eclipse™, a cutting-edge CRISPR-editing platform that marks a significant advancement in cell-based models. With Eclipse™, researchers can delve into every aspect of genetic variation, gene expression, and mutations with unprecedented depth and precision. Gone are the limitations of traditional methods; Eclipse™ empowers scientists to comprehensively study every variant, gene, and mutation, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries in biomedical research.

Technology-Fueled Genome Engineering

Introducing Technology-Fueled Genome Engineering with the Eclipse Platform. Built upon insights from over 250,000 CRISPR edits, Eclipse represents a proprietary cell engineering breakthrough. This innovative platform industrializes CRISPR editing, producing exceptional cell-based models tailored to your disease research needs.

With access to Synthego’s premium synthetic guide RNAs and standardized methodologies, Eclipse integrates machine learning closed-loop feedback to ensure precise edits at any scale. Now, researchers can confidently explore the world’s most reliable CRISPR-based cell models, accelerating progress in disease research.

Engineered Cells Synthego

Eclipse Platform Capabilities

Halo Integration


Eclipse leverages the Halo platform
to utilize the highest quality CRISPR tools to create the newest gold standard in engineered cells.

Modular Design


Eclipse was designed with modularity at the forefront, ensuring seamless capacity and capability upgrades as we scale biological discovery with you.

End-to-End Tracking


Eclipse's state-of-the-art software manages and tracks massive data sets for editing workflows at any scale -- an untenable task for humans.

Predictive CRISPR Design


Human decision-making bias is eliminated through data-backed insights.
Comprehensive data collection, machine learning, and bioinformatics fuel a dynamic algorithm to improve every subsequent CRISPR edit.

Optimized Transfection


Comprehensive transfection experiments are conducted to maximize editing success in any human cell line. Variables including guide design and culture conditions are tested in high-throughput to achieve the best possible editing outcome.

Clones with Integrity


Automated single-cell isolation is optimized to maintain cell health and integrity. For iPS cells, expansion protocols are optimized for pluripotency and genomic stability. Automated clonal genotyping expedites analysis and ensures accuracy.

Engineered Cells Portfolio

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