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MGISP-NEX is a versatile automated nucleic acid extractor independently developed by MGI. It equips with an independent 8-channel pipetting module and magnetic rod extraction module. The independent 8-channel pipetting can perform liquid transferring, which reduces manual intervention and achieves a higher degree of automation.The magnetic rod extraction module has two types of magnetic rods: one with 24 magnetic rod heads and another with 96 magnetic rod heads, which can be flexibly interchanged.

Versatile Liquid Handling:

Our independent 8-channel pipetting system excels at liquid transfer, diminishing the need for manual intervention and ushering in a heightened level of automation.

Advanced Disinfection System:

Our triple anti-pollution design guarantees sample safety by significantly minimizing the risk of

Adaptable Extraction:

Our innovative interchangeable magnetic rod module is designed for flexibility, catering to the diverse requirements of various scenarios.

  1. Barcode Scanner & Temp. Control Module:

    • Rapid scanning for tube barcode.
  2. Temp. Control Module
    • Cryogenic storage of reaction reagent.
  3. 8-channel Pipettor:

    • Independent control of pipetting distance, volume, and height.
  4. Rotatable Gripper:

    1. Real-time sensing of the grasping status.
  5. Anti-drip Baffle:

    • Prevention of cross-contamination within the experiment.
  6. MagneticRod Module:

    • Interchangeable 24 & 96 magnetic rod heads.
  7. UV System:

    • High-dose irradiation exceeding 100,000 µW.s/cm².
  8. HEPA System:

    • Efficient filtration to prevent contamination.
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