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Dedicated to creating well-designed, highly diverse libraries to ensure that you uncover more of what you want and only what you want.

Protein Engineering

Target Selection and Antibody Optimization

Synthetic Biology

Twist Bioscience introduces a sophisticated approach to complex custom libraries through its proprietary oligo synthesis technology.

Operating on a silicon-based synthesis platform, this cutting-edge methodology produces high-quality oligo pools, serving as the foundation for the construction of fully customized, user-defined variant libraries on a single chip.

What sets Twist apart is its unparalleled platform, capable of generating thousands to billions of specific variants with utmost precision—what you design is precisely what you receive.


Complex Custom Libraries


The sophistication of these custom libraries is heightened by Twist’s expertise in managing high diversity variant domains.

Employing high-fidelity methods, Twist skillfully splices together large pools of oligonucleotides, incorporating both composition and length variation.

The result is NGS-verified combinatorial diversity, reaching up to an impressive 10^10 unique variants within a single domain.

Each variant undergoes rigorous in-silico design and pre-synthesis screening, ensuring the elimination of undesired sequence bias, premature stop codons, and undesirable motifs.

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