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Spread Out Low Diversity Libraries

Spread-Out Low Diversity (SOLD) Libraries

Introducing the Spread-Out Low Diversity (SOLD) libraries – the latest tool revolutionizing the mapping of protein sequences and exploring the intricate relationship between proteins and their environment. Designed for researchers seeking efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness, SOLD Libraries offer a streamlined approach to investigating combinatorial possibilities.

These libraries stand out with their unique features, providing greater flexibility compared to traditional methods. Suitable for sites with scattered diversity, SOLD Libraries require no template, offering a novel and efficient solution. The precision of SOLD Libraries is unparalleled, ensuring no premature stop codons or unwanted codons, along with precise control over amino acid and codon distribution. This precision surpasses traditional methods such as NNK, TRIM, and epPCR.

Ensuring superior quality, all SOLD Libraries undergo NGS verification of modified regions, rigorous quality control, and verification of all variants. Created using Twist’s patented silicon-based synthesis platform, SOLD Libraries guarantee low error rates, making them cloning-ready and a reliable tool for researchers exploring the variant space. SOLD Libraries provide the ultimate combination of flexibility, precision, and quality for an advanced and efficient protein sequence mapping experience.

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Twist’s SOLD Libraries stand out as high-fidelity synthetic constructs, consistently showcasing the capability to closely align amino acid distributions with the requested frequencies. The observed variants in SOLD Libraries reveal a uniform distribution with no dropouts, exemplifying the reliability and precision of this synthetic tool.

A distinctive advantage of Twist’s SOLD Libraries lies in their ability to precisely integrate diversity across a wild-type sequence without constraining it to small variant domains. This unique feature enables researchers to simultaneously explore multiple amino acid positions along a sequence, facilitating a rapid and effective investigation and optimization of a protein’s activity. Twist’s SOLD Libraries, with their scattered diversity along the wild-type sequence, offer a powerful and versatile solution for researchers seeking high-fidelity synthetic constructs in their protein sequence studies.

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