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Microbial & Viral Sequencing

Microbial Sequencing

Whole microbial genome sequencing, microbe screening and environmental metagenomics has benefited greatly with the increases in NGS output​.

Researchers now have the capability to profile entire microbial communities and discover the underlying dynamic specificity of the each changing environment. Microbiologists have utilized the plexWell™ technology for its intrinsic normalization and increased library prep throughput, but plexWell™ has additionally shown to tolerate a wide range of GC-content samples with the ability to multiplex those multiple GC sample types in the same library prep without sacrificing performance.

Microbial Sequencing seqWell

Viral Sequencing

Our new plexWell sample preparation method in combination with a widely-used ARTIC RT-PCR protocol greatly simplifies and increases the throughput of multiplex whole genome sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 RNA. It provides high quality results while reducing the time and cost of sequencing efforts. The method provides numerous advantages, including:

  1. robust performance
  2. simple workflow
  3. high multiplexing capacity

This cost-effective solution can provide up to 40% savings compared to other methods and reduce processing time from sample to result. The plexWell workflow is automation-friendly and compatible with a variety of platforms. plexWell enables sequencing of up to 2,304 samples in a single sequencing run and provides a simple workflow capable of meeting the high demand for COVID-19 testing.

Viral Sequencing seqWell

Microbial & Viral Sequencing Applications

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