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MGISP-NE384: Precision Meets Speedy Automation

The MGISP-NE384 is a state-of-the-art, high-throughput automated nucleic acid extractor designed for optimal purity and safety in extraction processes. Utilizing magnetic rod technology, it can efficiently extract and purify nucleic acid from 96/192/288/384 samples. The extractor features Z axis independent control and a robust HEPA filtration system, along with a UV lamp, ensuring a secure working environment for both nucleic acid extraction and lab technicians.


Processing and mobilizing magnetic particles to extract and purify nucleic acid from 384 samples


Efficient 96-well plate reagent hardware design with disposable tip, reducing operational errors


HEPA filtration and UV lamp integration, eliminating cross-contamination and securing a safe workspace


Independent Z-axis control in mixing & magnetic modules, with 1-4 module run options for 96/192/288/384 samples


The MGISP-NE384 stands as a pinnacle in nucleic acid extraction, excelling in stability, intuitiveness, precision, flexibility, throughput, safety, and efficiency. This high-throughput automated platform utilizes sophisticated magnetic rod technology, allowing meticulous processing of 96/192/288/384 samples. Its unique mixing and magnetic module, featuring Z axis independent control, accommodates 1 to 4 modules for diverse sample sizes. The platform ensures a contamination-free environment with a HEPA filtration system and UV lamp, safeguarding the extraction process and lab technicians.

The 23-inch built-in touch screen interface, powered by Windows software, provides an intuitive portal for easy program management. With a reliable hardware design, 96-well plate reagent, and disposable tips, the platform minimizes operational errors, delivering consistent and accurate results. For professionals seeking a blend of speed, flexibility, and safety in nucleic acid extraction, the MGISP-NE384 emerges as the top-tier choice.

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