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Long Read Sequencing

Long Read Sequencing

Combine the precision of Twist target enrichment with the power of long read sequencing to efficiently explore crucial genomic regions at scale. Twist Alliance panels, both pre-designed and customizable, empower researchers to capture target regions in a cost-effective and high-throughput manner, ensuring exceptional performance.

Exceptional Performance: Elevate your sequencing endeavors with panels specifically crafted for long read sequencing. Probes are optimized for high uniformity and sequencing efficiency, ensuring balanced coverage even across challenging-to-sequence or difficult-to-map genomic regions.

Long Read Sequencing at Scale: Efficiently scale up your sequencing projects with a protocol optimized for long fragment enrichment. This approach allows you to pack more samples into a single sequencing run, making it possible to study targeted regions across large cohorts.

Accurate Variant Calling with Targeted HiFi Sequencing from PacBio: Leverage the accuracy of targeted HiFi Sequencing from PacBio for precise variant calling of SNPs, SVs, and indels. Benefit from unambiguous haplotype resolution and long-range phasing, ensuring reliable results. This approach is compatible with Sequel IIe and Revio Systems, providing versatility in sequencing platforms.

Twist Alliance Dark Genes Panel
Enables sequencing of genes that are difficult or impossible to fully sequence with short read technology.

  1. Targets 389 genes (20 Mb)
  2. Key targets include GBA, SMN1/2

Twist Alliance Long-Read PGx Panel
Focus on important genes in pharmacogenomics that are critical to drug metabolism and patient therapeutic response.

  1. Targets 49 genes (2 Mb)
  2. Key targets include CYP2D6, HLA-A, HLA-B
Twist Alliance Dark Genes Panel
Twist Alliance Long-Read PGx Panel
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