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Sequencing Platforms

The Ultimate NGS Lineup

Empower your laboratory with instruments that cater to the broadest spectrum of sequencing requirements. MGI offers a comprehensive range of instruments designed to accommodate diverse scales, areas of study, applications, and budgets. Utilizing groundbreaking DNBSEQ technology and featuring robust automation, these systems embody accuracy, user-friendliness, versatility, affordability, and speed. No matter the scope or focus of your research, there is a MGI instrument to meet and exceed your lab’s sequencing needs, ensuring a seamless and efficient sequencing experience.

Complete Sequencing Solutions For Every Lab

MGI E25 with DecodeScience


The DNBSEQ-E25 sequencer is a compact, standalone system that can be used inside or outside the lab – anywhere. The E25 seamlessly incorporates a microfluidic chip, an integrated CMOS detection module, self-luminous dye, and a proprietary computing module, creating a lightweight and cost-effective instrument that is not restricted by location.

MGI G99 with DecodeScience


The DNBSEQ-G99 delivers a dramatically lower cost per data point than other low- to mid- range benchtop sequencers, including MiSeq™ and MiniSeq™. With its higher density, triangular-configured patterned array, you can load more DNBs to generate higher output – up to 48 gb per run, DNBSEQ-G99 is also equipped with a proprietary, high-resolution objective lens and highly efficient temperature control system.

MGI G400 with DecodeScience


The DNBSEQ-G400 provides a comprehensive range of sequencing options, supporting read lengths up to SE400/PE300 and two flow cell types. The system also features built-in primary data analysis and optimized optical and biochemical systems.

MGI T7 with DecodeScience


The DNBSEQ-T7 optimizes productivity for whole genome, deep exome, epigenome, transcriptome, single-cell, spatial, and other large sequencing projects. The T7 can generate 20,000 30x whole genomes in one year at an affordable $150 per genome, providing high-quality data and unparalleled speed.

Let’s Find You an Application That Helps Your Research

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