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DNBSEQ-E25 : Sequence Your Samples On-The-Go

Embark on a streamlined sequencing journey from sample to report with the DNBSEQ-E25 sequencer. This compact and standalone system is designed to operate effortlessly inside or outside the lab, providing versatility in its usage. The E25 seamlessly integrates a microfluidic chip, an integrated CMOS detection module, self-luminous dye, and a proprietary computing module. This harmonious combination results in a lightweight and cost-effective instrument that breaks free from location restrictions, allowing you to conduct sequencing processes with ease and efficiency. The DNBSEQ-E25 is your solution for convenient and accessible sequencing wherever you need it.


This integrated sequencer is ideal for remote sites, providing ease-of-use and convenience.


Quick and easy setup means you can start your run in just 10 minutes.


No washing between runs streamlines your sequencing.


Experience seamless and hassle-free sequencing with our plug-and-play solution. The DNBSEQ-E25 incorporates an integrated microfluidic sequencing chip with a CMOS detection module underneath each spot. This innovative design minimizes environmental sensitivity, reduces costs, and lightens the weight of the sequencer. The result is a truly plug-and-play system, streamlining the sequencing process and providing you with an efficient and user-friendly solution for your research needs.

E25 Features with DecodeScience
Data Analysis Has Never Been Easier

Simplify your data analysis process with the DNBSEQ-E25, where efficiency meets ease. The advanced model, DNBSEQ-E25A, takes it a step further by incorporating an enhanced computing module capable of running data analysis for various applications, including whole-genome sequencing. These sequencing platforms operate as standalone systems, managing the entire workflow from sample to result without the need for a network connection. This not only ensures ease of use but also eliminates the risk of data breaches, providing you with a secure and reliable solution for your sequencing needs.

E25 Data
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