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Bioinformatics Tools

Bioinformatics Tools for Genome Engineering

Synthego offers a suite of cutting-edge bioinformatics tools tailored for genome engineering applications. Our tools empower researchers to design, verify, and analyze guide RNAs with precision and efficiency. Leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning, these tools enable researchers to optimize guide RNA designs for gene knockout experiments, validate their efficacy through comprehensive verification, and analyze editing outcomes with unparalleled accuracy. With Synthego’s bioinformatics tools, researchers have the resources they need to accelerate their genome engineering research and achieve reliable results.

Bioinformatics Tools for Genome Engineering



Smart Design of Guide RNAs: Begin your CRISPR editing journey with precision and efficiency using Synthego’s Gene Knockout Designer. This intuitive tool eliminates the tedious process of guide RNA design, providing recommendations in seconds rather than hours. With access to over 120,000 genomes and 9,000 species, effortlessly select guide RNAs optimized for knocking out any protein-coding gene with minimal off-target effects. Choose your preferred guides and order instantly, kickstarting your editing experiments with confidence. Once your order is shipped, access our experimental protocols to seamlessly conduct your CRISPR editing experiments and evaluate their efficacy. Start designing now and experience the ease of use with the RELA gene.

Evaluate the Design of Any Guide: Already have a guide RNA in mind? Validate its design directly within your experiment using Synthego’s evaluation tool. Easily visualize the sgRNA sequence location in the genome, providing insight into the editing location. Whether you’re targeting the UBC gene or any other locus, streamline your guide RNA assessment process effortlessly.

Smart design of guide RNAs
Evaluate the design of any guide


Elevate and Simplify Your CRISPR Editing: Synthego offers high-quality synthetic guide RNAs and cell engineering services to achieve optimal editing outcomes across various cell types. Whether working with mammalian cell lines, primary cells, iPSCs, or whole animal models, researchers worldwide trust our synthetic guides for successful editing experiments. Customize your guides with chemical modifications to enhance stability and prevent intracellular immune responses, ensuring the best CRISPR editing results possible. Elevate your editing experiments with a Knockout Kit or Knockout Pool.

Elevate and Simplify Your CRISPR Editing


Analyze Sanger Data for NGS Quality Results: Accessing editing efficiency data for your experiments is now hassle-free with Synthego’s ICE analysis tool. Don’t let Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) slow you down. ICE provides fast and accurate analysis of Sanger sequences, delivering NGS-quality results in seconds. Analyze up to 700 samples simultaneously and download your results with publication-quality figures, simplifying data interpretation and accelerating your research. Analyze your Sanger data now and experience the efficiency of ICE.

Bioinformatics Tools Portfolio

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