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Saphyr System

Reveal genome-wide structural variation with the Saphyr™ optical genome mapping system.

Consistently identify structural variants across all classes with a resolution as low as 500 base pairs (bp) and a variant allele frequency (VAF) as low as 5% utilizing optical genome mapping (OGM) through the Saphyr™ system. Saphyr™ stands as the foremost tool for detecting structural variants, surpassing the capabilities of next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods and traditional cytogenetic approaches, thus capturing genomic variations often overlooked by these technologies.

Achieve broad, unbiased genomic coverage with flexible data collection.

The Saphyr™ system offers adaptable genomic coverage, enabling the identification of heterozygous or infrequent variants present in mosaic samples and heterogeneous tumors.

In just six hours, obtain a comprehensive 100X coverage of a human genome. To uncover deeper and rarer variants, merely prolong the data collection time on Saphyr™ without incurring additional consumable costs. Achieve an impressive 400X coverage within a 24-hour period, facilitating structural variant (SV) detection down to a 5% variant allele frequency (VAF). Extend runtime further to explore variants with even lower VAF levels.

Enjoy seamless integration and workflow efficiency with the Saphyr™ Chip® consumable and Saphyr™ system.

The Saphyr Chips feature hundreds of thousands of highly parallel nanochannels, which efficiently linearize long, labeled DNA molecules, enabling direct imaging of your samples by the Saphyr instrument.

Sample loading onto the Saphyr Chip is swift and straightforward. Easily pipette up to three samples into individual flow cells on the chip. With the capability to load up to two chips onto the Saphyr instrument per run, achieve a maximum throughput of six samples per operation.

Benefit from the Saphyr instrument and chips’ integration of machine learning-based adaptive loading and automatic run optimization. These features ensure hassle-free scanning and optimize throughput speed, allowing for walk-away operation and the fastest achievable throughput for each run.

Guarantee optimal performance through automated health system monitoring accessible remotely.

The Saphyr™ Assure Service offers an optional (opt-in) automated health monitoring feature, which consistently evaluates data quality and instrument functionality. This feature detects potential issues before they impact data quality and performance, enabling Bionano Support to proactively address any concerns and conduct necessary repairs with minimal downtime.

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