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G99 with DecodeScience
DNBSEQ-G99 : The Ultimate in Sequencing Speed

Introducing the DNBSEQ-G99, the epitome of sequencing speed and efficiency. This groundbreaking sequencer stands as the fastest ever created, offering unparalleled performance in low- to mid-range throughput, making it an exceptional choice for targeted gene and small genome sequencing research. The G99 features a triangular configuration on the patterned array, achieving a higher density of DNA Nanoballs (DNBs) and consequently yielding an impressive data output of up to 48 gigabytes per run.

Equipped with a proprietary high-resolution objective lens and a high-precision temperature control system, the DNBSEQ-G99 sets a new standard for efficiency. With a remarkable run time for PE150 sequencing, completing the process within just 12 hours, this sequencer ensures swift and reliable results. Notably, during PE100 or PE150 sequencing runs, informative preliminary reports are available within the first 2.5 hours, providing researchers with rapid insights into their experiments. The DNBSEQ-G99 redefines sequencing capabilities, offering researchers an unprecedented combination of speed, density, and data output for accelerated and informative sequencing workflows.


Get up to 48 Gb (PE150 sequencing) in less than 12 hours.


Run two independent flow cells at any time.


Pre-loaded cartridges minimize human errors.

Dual Flow Cells for Maximum Flexibility

The DNBSEQ-G99 introduces a remarkable feature—dual flow cells for maximum flexibility. This innovative capability allows the sequencer to run two flow cells independently, providing users with the adaptable option to plug-and-play as needed. This dual-flow cell design enhances versatility and enables researchers to tailor their sequencing experiments to specific requirements, further expanding the utility and flexibility of the DNBSEQ-G99 in various applications.

Dual Flow Cells for Maximum Flexibility G99
Get up to 48 Gb per sequencing run

Unlock unparalleled sequencing capabilities with the DNBSEQ-G99 and achieve up to 48 gigabytes of data per sequencing run. This impressive data output sets a new standard in sequencing efficiency, providing researchers with extensive genomic information in a single run. The DNBSEQ-G99 empowers users to generate large volumes of high-quality data, enabling comprehensive insights and accelerating advancements in genomics research.

Performance of G99 with DecodeScience
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