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Standard-sized capillary electrophoresis Bio-Fragment Analyzer for DNA, RNA, and protein.

Ideal for small to medium-sized labs with 1~96 sample capacity.

Easily exchangeable cartridges for versatile applications.

Provides quantitative data on fragment size and concentration in a single run.

Efficient Bio-Fragment Analysis with Qsep100

The Qsep100, a standard-sized automated Bio-Fragment Analyzer, represents the classic model in the Qsep series. Boasting a single-channel design, it can seamlessly process 1 to 96 samples, making it an ideal choice for small and medium-sized laboratories. This high sample flexibility extends to various applications, including DNA, RNA, and protein fragment analyses, as well as high-voltage fast analysis.

Versatility for Various Applications

The Qsep100 supports a range of applications, offering RNA quality control with the provision of RNA Quality Number (RQN), automated distribution of NGS QC, and quality control of genomic DNA (gDNA) with the availability of DNA Quality Number (DQN). Particularly, it stands out as a top choice for Next-Generation Sequencing Quality Control (NGS QC).

Streamlining Processes and Enhancing Accuracy

The Qsep series, including the Qsep100, eliminates the need for intricate and time-consuming gel preparation and analysis procedures. This not only increases the accuracy of analysis but also elevates overall efficiency and reproducibility while reducing human errors and costs. Invest in Qsep100 for a seamless, reliable, and efficient bio-fragment analysis experience.

Qsep100 BiOptic
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