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STOmics Offline Software

STOmics Offline Software

Spatial Omics Analysis Suite Overview: ImageStudio, SAW, and StereoMap


  1. ImageStudio is a SpatioTemporal omics offline image processing software.
  2. It assesses image quality, focusing on sharpness and track lines, determining suitability for downstream data analysis.
  3. The manual adjustment module addresses scenarios beyond the software’s capabilities.

SAW (Stereo-seq Analysis Workflow):

  1. SAW integrates Stereo-seq spatial group gene expression analysis tools.
  2. It reduces and visualizes spatial expression information from sequencing data on microarrays.
  3. Spatial expression matrices generated by SAW are suitable for downstream analysis.


  1. StereoMap is a high-definition visual desktop software designed for Stereo-seq data analysis results.
  2. It visualizes STOmics’ SpatioTemporal omics technologies, allowing further exploration through various tools.
  3. GEF matrix, image RPI and IPR data, and clustering results from SAW can be displayed in StereoMap.
STOmics Offline Software
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