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Evercode WT Mega



Streamline the scaling of your single-cell projects with Evercode™ split-pool combinatorial barcoding. This innovative technique offers a straightforward, instrument-free solution to single-cell sequencing, revolutionizing the process with its simplicity and versatility.

With Evercode™, you can effortlessly adopt a highly sensitive approach to single-cell sequencing, regardless of your lab’s resources or expertise level. The simplicity of this method makes it accessible to researchers of all backgrounds, while still delivering unparalleled sensitivity, scalability, and flexibility.

Say goodbye to complex instrumentation and cumbersome protocols. Evercode™ empowers labs of any size to embark on single-cell sequencing projects with confidence, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries in cellular biology and beyond.


Evercode's combinatorial barcoding
enables you to dramatically
scale up the cells and samples per experiment.


If you have a centrifuge,
thermal cycler,
and some pipettes,
you’re ready to go.


Better detect lowly expressed
genes and avoid ambient RNA common
in droplet-based
single cell sequencing.


Fix and store samples as they come in for up to 6 months and then run together later on your schedule. Ideal for cross-site collaborations.

Experience a revolution in gene detection sensitivity with Evercode WT v2.

In a rigorous comparative study conducted on mouse brain samples, Evercode WT v2 demonstrated exceptional superiority over the Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 3’ Kit v3.1. Impressively, Evercode WT v2 detected an average of 84% more genes at a common read depth target of 20,000 reads per cell.

With Evercode WT v2 at your disposal, you gain the power to uncover a broader spectrum of genes and dive deeper into gene expression profiles. This invaluable wealth of information will enrich your research endeavors, providing nuanced insights into cellular dynamics and molecular processes. Elevate your single-cell transcriptomics studies to unprecedented heights with the unmatched sensitivity and precision offered by Evercode WT v2.

Evercode™ delivers more results per experiment

Evercode™ sets a new standard by delivering more results per experiment compared to leading droplet-based technologies. This means that with Evercode™, you can achieve your research goals with significantly fewer experiments, saving time, resources, and effort.

By maximizing the efficiency of each experiment, Evercode™ allows you to generate more data and insights in less time. Whether you’re exploring gene expression profiles, investigating cellular heterogeneity, or uncovering novel biological pathways, Evercode™ streamlines the process and accelerates your research progress.

With Evercode™, you can optimize your experimental workflow and achieve more impactful results with fewer resources expended. Experience the difference that Evercode™ can make in advancing your scientific discoveries and pushing the boundaries of single-cell analysis.

Fix now, run later

Our innovative technology allows you to fix cells or nuclei as soon as they’re available, effectively preserving the biological integrity until you’re ready to proceed with your experiments. With just a 30-minute fixation process, your samples remain stable for up to 6 months.

This approach offers unparalleled flexibility in your research workflow. Whether you’re conducting a timecourse study, collaborating across multiple laboratories, or need to segregate sample preparation from core lab space, fixation provides the freedom to work according to your schedule and preferences.

With Evercode™, you can confidently lock in the biology of your samples, knowing that they’ll be ready for analysis whenever you are. Say goodbye to time constraints and logistical challenges – embrace the flexibility of fixation with Evercode™.

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