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Evercode WT Mini



Introducing Evercode™ WT Mini V2, the revolutionary solution for single-cell whole transcriptome analysis. Designed to operate without the need for additional instruments, the Evercode™ WT Mini V2 allows you to delve into single-cell transcriptomics with ease and convenience.

Key features include:

  1. Compact Design: The Evercode™ WT Mini V2 is perfectly sized for researchers looking to explore single-cell transcriptomics on a smaller scale. Its compact design makes it ideal for generating proof-of-concept results before scaling up to larger platforms.

  2. Quality Results: Experience the exceptional quality of results achievable with Parse technology. The Evercode™ WT Mini V2 enables you to obtain reliable and accurate transcriptomic data from individual cells, providing valuable insights into your biological samples.

  3. Scalability: As your research progresses, seamlessly transition to larger platforms such as the Evercode™ WT or Evercode™ WT Mega to delve deeper into your biology. The Evercode™ WT Mini V2 serves as an ideal starting point for expanding your single-cell transcriptomics studies.

With Evercode™ WT Mini V2, unlock the potential of single-cell transcriptomics and embark on a journey of discovery in your research. Explore the complexities of gene expression at the single-cell level and uncover new insights into cellular heterogeneity and biological processes.


Evercode's combinatorial barcoding
enables you to dramatically
scale up the cells and samples per experiment.


If you have a centrifuge,
thermal cycler,
and some pipettes,
you’re ready to go.


Better detect lowly expressed
genes and avoid ambient RNA common
in droplet-based
single cell sequencing.


Fix and store samples as they come in for up to 6 months and then run together later on your schedule. Ideal for cross-site collaborations.

Higher Sensitivity with Evercode WT v2

Experience unmatched sensitivity in gene detection with Evercode WT v2. In a comparative study conducted in mouse brain samples, Evercode WT v2 outperformed the Chromium Next GEM Single Cell 3’ Kit v3.1, detecting an average of 84% more genes at a common read depth target of 20,000 reads per cell.

With Evercode WT v2, you can uncover a broader spectrum of genes and gain deeper insights into gene expression profiles, providing invaluable information for your research endeavors. Elevate your single-cell transcriptomics studies to new heights with the superior sensitivity of Evercode WT v2

Lower multiplet rates than droplet-based approaches

Achieve significantly lower multiplet rates compared to droplet-based approaches with Evercode WT. In a human-mouse species mixing experiment utilizing Evercode WT, we observed an impressively low multiplet rate of only 2.3%. This rate is substantially lower than what is typically encountered with droplet-based methods.

By leveraging Evercode WT, researchers can confidently minimize the occurrence of multiplets, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability in single-cell transcriptomic analysis. This enhanced precision allows for more accurate interpretation of biological data and deeper insights into complex biological systems.

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