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ExpressPlex™ Library Prep Kit

ExpressPlex™ Library Prep Kit

Designed for quick turnaround of plasmid, amplicon, or synthetic construct sequencing, ExpressPlex* is the fastest high-throughput library preparation kit available (based on total time to prepare 96 – 384 samples).

  1. 90-min workflow with 30-min or less hands-on
  2. Fragmentation, barcoding, and amplification in 1 step
  3. No primers/barcodes to buy
  4. Virtually cross-talk free
  5. Up to 6,144 samples prepped and sequenced in 24 hours
  6. NEW: 384-well ultra-high throughput version available
*Patents Pending
ExpressPlex™ Library Prep Kit SeqWell

Benefits of using ExpressPlex

ExpressPlex allows you to spend your time on data and results, not pipetting.  There are solutions for low-, medium-, and high-throughput labs.  For ultra-high throughput users, we now offer 384-well versions that will enable you to multiplex up to 6,144 samples in a single run. 

  1. Go from extracted samples to libraries on the sequencer in < 1/2 a day
  2. Sequence more samples for less
  3. Easily automate your protocol
  4. Train any lab tech, minimize chance for error
  5. Choice of 96 or 384-well versions to fit your workflow
  6. Reduce labor while increasing efficiency
  7. Decrease chance for errors via minimal handling steps
  8. Everything included: no complex supply chain management of barcodes and primers

ExpressPlex 96-Well Workflow


ExpressPlex 384-Well Workflow

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