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plexWell LP 384

The plexWell™ LP 384 kit is engineered for low-pass whole genome library preparation and sequencing, utilizing the enhanced plexWell workflow. The kit includes major reagents essential for library preparation, featuring Magwise™ paramagnetic beads (DNA polymerase not included). This kit allows efficient library preparation for more than one 96-well plate of samples and normalizes input DNA over a wide range of 5-25 ng.

plexWell™ LP 384 (Low-Pass Whole Genome) Highlights:

  • NGS multiplexed library generation kit designed for Illumina® platforms.
  • Features assay-ready 96-well fully-skirted low-profile PCR plates in sets of 4 (4 x 96).
  • Provides 2,304 (96 x 24) unique barcode combinations.
  • Includes 6 sets of 4 pool barcodes (PB Set A, B, C, D, E, or F).

Recommended Application: Ideal for low-depth whole genome/GBS (Genotyping by Sequencing) coupled with imputation and analysis software for comprehensive genomic studies.

plexWell™ Library Prep Workflow:

plexWell™ Library Prep Chemistry:

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