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Enable Gene Editing QC Applications with Tagify™ UMI Reagents

Methods such as CRISPR-Cas9 can exhibit unpredictability in both off- and on-target applications, but seqWell’s Tagify UMI tagging reagents ensure reproducibility, paving the way for the future of gene editing QC.

Writing the Future of Gene Editing QC

While genome editing tools like TALENs and ZFNs have transformed biomedical research, CRISPR-Cas9 stands out as a powerful tool since the early 2010s. The therapeutic potential of gene editing is immense, but to ensure precise edits, further research and the development of robust QC methods are essential. Transposase-based approaches, such as seqWell’s Tagify UMI reagents, offer a promising solution. Integrating Tagify UMIs with methods like UDiTaS™ can help establish QC benchmarks, contributing to the creation of safer and more effective gene editing techniques.

Ensure Consistency and Scalability

Georgia Giannoukos, Ph.D., Director of Next Generation Sequencing at Editas Medicine, emphasizes the use of seqWell’s custom Tagify reagent for UDiTaS. The consistent batches yield similar tagmentation profiles and editing results, with the flexibility to scale reactions from 96 to 384 wells. This adaptability has allowed the processing of thousands of reactions over a year, ensuring both consistency and scalability in gene editing applications.

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Maximize Gene Editing QC with Tagify™ and ExpressPlex™ Library Prep Kit

By harnessing the synergies of Tagify and the ExpressPlex™ Library Prep Kit, researchers can achieve comprehensive gene editing quality control (QC). Tagify, incorporating UMIs, serves as a potent downstream QC method, enabling precise quantification of gene editing efficiency and fidelity at the on-target molecular level, ensuring accurate assessment post-editing.

Simultaneously, the ExpressPlex™ Library Prep Kit serves as an innovative upstream QC method, allowing users to verify the DNA sequence of reagents before initiating the gene editing process.

When utilized in tandem, with ExpressPlex upstream and Tagify downstream, researchers create a robust QC framework, effectively sandwiching the gene editing process between two reliable checkpoints. This approach proves valuable when QC activities span different labs within the same company, promoting a streamlined workflow and reproducible results.

Explore the synergistic potential of this powerful combination in more detail in our latest blog.

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