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NGS Exome 2.0

What If I could improve the sequencer I already have?

Adding a pipetting robot to your sequencer does more than just improve productivity. Lab automation also brings greater consistency to complex procedures like NGS library preparation, improving yield and generating better data.

Who better to integrate automation and sequencing than the company that lives and breathes high throughput genomics?  MGI has a range of proven automation platforms that are already configured for genomics workflows. Our automation platforms are LIMS ready or can be bundled with MGI’s user friendly ZLIMS to add workflow management to your capabilities.

MGI has pre-validated automation scripts for NGS library kits from

  • Agilent
  • IDT
  • Illumina
  • Lexogen
  • NEB
  • Roche
  • Twist

MGI Automation – for any brand of sequencer.

End of Financial Year Specials on Automation

Move now to secure incredible discounts on lab automation packages for sample extraction, sample processing, PCR setup or NGS library preparation.

30% off Lab Automation platform ordered before June 30, 2023.

BONUS inclusion of up to 3 automation scripts customized for your workflows.

Don’t have budget? Contact us to hear about our flexible reagent rental programs

Which Automation platform is right for me?

SP100 – Compact, everyday automation for low to medium throughput.

With a fixed 8 channel pipette and a compact, benchtop format, the SP100 is ideal for labs looking to process up to 16 samples per run.

SP960 – 96 well format for High Throughput automation.

With a fixed 96 channel pipette, the SP960 is designed for process laboratories needing to manage large amounts of samples quickly and reliably.

Smart 8 – Absolute flexibility for automating complex workflows.

With 8 independent pipettes and the ability to process up to 48 samples per run, the Smart8 sets a new standard in flexibility for the Genomics lab. Capable of complex procedures such as cherry-picking and pooling, the Smart8 is the all-rounder automation platform for the lab with complex or changing needs